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Hi! Thanks for taking a peek at my website. It's great to have a chance to say 'hello'.


What do you enjoy reading: horror, humour, psychological thriller, romance, spiritual or, maybe, traditional mystery? You'll find them all, to a greater or lesser degree, in my novels and short stories. If you like something more whimsical, look at my books of quirky verse.


Of course, what you read may well depend on where you are, what you're doing and how much time you have. Most of my novels have short sharp chapters so it's easy to dip in and out. Read a quick chapter on the train, a short poem before the bus arrives; immerse yourself in a whole novel on that longer plane journey or curl up on the sun lounger and get lost in an intriguing plot.


Having lived in both London and the Lake District,  my novels tend to feature these locations.  If you have lived or visited either parts of the UK, the descriptions may have some familiarity.


All my writings are in printed book format.  You will have a real book, with good quality paper, nicely printed in a readable size type, and a substantial glossy paperback cover. The plus point is this: take care of the book and once you've read it, you could pass it on as a gift. Of course, an entertaining book is always a good gift to choose.


I would love to hear from you if you have any comments, and especially if you have read one of my books and want to provide feedback. I have taken  care to ensure accuracy but if any gremlins have escaped my beady eyes, I would like to know so corrections can be made in a future edition. Go to 'contact' and send me a message.



If you are reading this on your mobile,I am not at all certain that all information has successfully transferred to the small screen. If you have the time, look again on a large screen device.


Please check out the rest of my website if you want to know more. Go to 'Bio' to find out about me. Go to 'Books' to see the full range. If you wish to make a purchase, read first pages no obligation, or read synopses, go to the website www.feedaread.com and search: Julia Patten. All my books will pop up.  Go to my 'Blog' to find out how new works are progressing.  If you are an agent or a publisher, I would be especially interested in any enquiries.


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I do not sell books, so there is no pressure to buy. It's simply a chance for interested readers to find out more; see if they like what I write and ask questions. Anyone interested in buying will be referred to www.feedaread.com

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